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Qlever Tech holds Qlik specializations in Retail, Oil & Gas, Finance, Marketing and HR.
Burger King
Over 11 million people worldwide visit Burger King® restaurants every day. These restaurants are known for their high quality products, tasty and affordable food. Founded in 1954, Burger King ® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. For more than 50 years, the brand is known for its original and signature recipes, family meals.
Gazprom Neft
Gazprom Neft is the fastest growing hydrocarbon production and processing company in Russia: the dynamics of this growth are evident at every stage of the company's development. Gazprom Neft is active in all the major oil and gas regions of Russia, selling its products throughout the Russian Federation and exporting them to more than 50 countries worldwide.
T Plus Group's single distribution center, which emerged from the consolidation of several regional power generating companies' assets. It has 13 regional branches serving over 3 million households and about 120 thousand companies.

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Dashboards at points of sale
Over 700 restaurants in 300 localities of Russia and CIS, 6 time zones
The restaurant chain's success depends on whether its staff performs their work well at the points of sale. Strict action regulations and proper control over its implementation are not enough. People require real-time information about how their current work affects the progress towards their plans. More and more parameters are appearing, requiring attention as well: new dishes, new priorities, new indicators. They can be tracked on a special dashboard placed in the restaurant, which displays the information gathered from the centralized BI-system and is unique for each point of sale.

Sources and tech stack: QlikView, Python, Go, Apache Airflow, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Docker, Django
Functional areas: Management, Sales, HR, Customer Service

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Finding a balance between sales profit and market opportunities
Gazprom Neft Aviation Fuel Operator. 66 distribution divisions, including 46 own fueling facilities. Present in more than 60 countries, in 210 airports. Customers are about 200 airlines.
An analytical solution that helps to offer the best fuel price at each of the 210 airports of presence. It takes into account the key factors that currently influence the market price of fuel. Both internal corporate systems and data from external sources are used. It avoids pricing errors and provides a retrospective look at the decisions already made to assess their quality.

Sources and tech stack: QlikView, internal and external sources (e.g. oil exchanges, Platts)
Functional areas: Marketing
Collect in 60 seconds: data consolidation and quality management solution
Scalable solution architecture with processing of 2 billion records
The number of employees in the company is about 6.5 thousand people; a great amount of accounting systems is used, which provide billing, transactions with individuals and businesses, contract and customer requests accounting, interaction with debtors. It was demanded to unite data from various branches and accounting systems, create methods and business processes to verify them and correct bugs, and work out solution for data quality management.

Sources and tech stack: QlikView, Oracle CC&B, 1С «Энергобиллинг»
Functional areas: IT, Sales
Reports that assist in managing the staff of 600 restaurants
300 locations in Russia and CIS, 6 time zones
It was required to provide restaurant directors and area managers with ongoing feedback on staffing, efficiency of the personnel in sales points, as well as to display the way the employees are trained. The HR department needed a tool for self-assessment of the staff's workflow and determining the factors that could drive it.

Sources and tech stack: QlikView, Qlik Sense, NPrinting, Python, Axapta, BioSmart
Functional areas: HR
System for determining the buyers' credit rating
Petroleum products distribution. The Company operates in all major Russian sea ports, in river and estuary ports, and abroad (Estonia, Romania, Latvia).
Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker has over 200 regular clients - both foreign and Russian shipping companies. The history of partnership with the clients is based on different accounting systems. The required system included a solution for data mining and processing, along with a special type of reports that would help managers to make reasonable decisions on customer loans. The solution had to have special security requirements.

Sources and tech stack: Qlik Sense, 1С, Excel
Functional areas: Finance, Sales

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Dashboards at points of sale
Over 700 restaurants in 300 localities of Russia and CIS, 6 time zones
Background and challenges
  • The first restaurant Burger King appeared in Russia in February 2010. About 100 new restaurants Burger King are opened annually and it is the fastest-growing chain.
  • There are several international fast food chains and plenty of local ones in Russia. Competition is extremely tough, while Russian consumers are very sensitive to both prices and service speed.
  • Burger King has a staff of over 15,000 people in its russian restaurants. For market success, it is important to have a motivated team at each of the 600 points of sale and to keep the work done as efficiently as possible.
  • Information from sales points about the actual situation could help. Plan execution status and other indicators would allow the team to prioritize its work.
  • Each restaurant has a dashboard, which displays real-time indicators. All indicators have a planned and actual value.
  • Plans for each of the indicators are created centrally. The global plans of the entire chain, previous values are taken into account, and people get involved in the workflow.
  • Actual values are also collected centrally. BI solution receives data from cash registers, from ERP, from staff biometric identification system, from other systems.
  • The dashboard of each of the restaurants displays the indicators for that particular point of sale.
  • Details of each event are displayed on a dashboard in a few minutes. It occurs in a near real time mode.
  • Low cost of ownership due to savings on licenses. The solution is free of proprietary platforms, programs and services.
  • No technical specialists are required to connect new restaurants.
  • Flexibility. The solution is customized with consideration of the fact that priorities in the restaurant work are constantly changing. New indicators can be added quickly to the dashboard when this happens, so that the staff of the point of sale adjust their work.
Data sources 
  • QlikView, Axapta, R_keeper, BioSmart, Excel
Tools and technologies
  • Python, Go, Apache Airflow, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Docker, Django
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System for determining the buyers' credit rating
Ship fuel supply for sea and river transport. 7 regional offices, own fleet of 10 vessels, presence in sea, river and estuary ports across Russia, Estonia, Romania and Latvia.
Background and challenges
  • Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker has over 200 regular clients - foreign and Russian shipping companies. Data on cooperation with each customer is stored in different accounting systems. As a result, there was no unified and objective information about their every counterparty.
  • The special credit committee takes decisions on granting loans to customers. For this purpose, it only has access to a fragmented knowledge base about each of the clients, available from managers of functional units (eg, accounting), or in separate accounting systems. Such a method of determining the parameters of the credit line may lead to errors, increased risk and inefficient use of funds.
  • A special type of reports was required, that would assist in making well-balanced lending decisions, as well as a technical solution to collect data from various accounting systems and Excell-tables and their transformation.
  • The reports for the credit committee form the basis of the developed points system for each of the customers.
  • This system automatically generates the customer's credit rating and recommends credit limits. Furthermore, detailed consolidated information about each counterparty is accessible to managers and credit committee members. This facilitates decision making and argumentation. Users have access to hints - what they are worth looking at before making a decision.
  • The scoring system is connected to all sources that may contain data on cooperation with the customers. Indicators such as the level of joint activities, payment history, the procurement structure of the counterparty, accounts receivable, overdue payments in the past and other indicators are taken into account.
Benefits and features
  • The system is aimed at optimizing the loan portfolio and reducing the level of accounts receivable and risks.
  • A new level of understanding counterparties. Available information in the scoring system gives you a lot to learn about each counterparty.
  • All information security requirements of Gazprom Neft group of companies have been implemented. Certain modules of the system were developed specifically, for example, to ensure data exchange.
  • The system was built in accordance with Gazprom Neft's internal standards for application development processes, documentation and design.
Data sources
  • 1С, Excel, internal accounting systems.
Tools and technologies
  • Qlik Sense