Go ahead! The path is now clear.
The technologies are mature. Experts are available. The barriers to accelerating business through data are gone.

Who we are

Qlever Tech has been providing new opportunities for business by implementing analytical solutions for 10 years.
Our audit and consulting services improve the efficiency of SMBs and enterprises in various industries, helping to reduce costs, allocate resources, understand consumers and manage interactions with them.
Our core advantage is a deep technical expertise. We have built a company of top professionals in data warehousing and data transformation, Qlik technologies and applied tools such as Python, R, SQL, JavaScript.
Our experience allows us to propose a wide range of opportunities and ways to get value using internal and external data. We are experienced in business goals achieving through technologies.
Project Management
The service standards adopted by Qlever Tech are based on best practices in project management. We can join the development project and share the results of it at any stage of work.


Qlik-based apps are currently supported
4 days

Delivery time for demo app
2 hours

Issue response time

Under the hood

Qlever Tech combines the best practices of both worlds from data management and software engineering. Projects are executed by teams of professionals in various fields - analysts, architects, engineers and developers. Qlever Tech team adheres to the project management culture. This allows us to quickly engage the right experts and accurately predict the progress of each project we are undertake.

We are committed to a partnership that will guide you through all points of digital transformation, from standard reporting to data-driven business.

Our inspirations

Our core value is the team of highly performing professionals. Each of us is ready to provide all available knowledge, skills and experience. This would be your advantage.
We are Pro-active. We propose solutions in the both fields of technical issues and business objectives.
Every step during the project is uncovered. The solution won't turn into a 'black box'.
The value of analytical information is always at the cross of roles, functional areas and industries.