Burger king division
Web dashboard for tracking key KPIs in 800 restaurants in real time
A project was undertaken in Burger King division that is one of the largest fast food restaurants in the region. It operates approximately 700 restaurants located in 6 time zones. The number of employees exceeds 10 000 people.
Goals and objectives of the project
  • Burger King's main goal is to combine large-scale regional expansion with profitability. The chain's success depends on the quality of the decisions that its 200 regional managers and 760 restaurant managers make every day. Restaurant and regional managers could not monitor their KPIs in real time and react quickly to deviations. Managers needed more freedom of action and tools to evaluate their initiatives and actions.

    The company organizational development needed to implement a culture of quick wins, based on the achievement of tangible results as fast as possible.
Selected Solution
  • The starting point for digital transformation was the deployment of the Axapta ERP system and the development of detailed daily management reports created on the QlikView platform and delivered using Qlik NPrinting.

    The first step was to rethink the way of working with data sources. Reporting began to use data from local cash bases instead of the central database, where it was consolidated at the end of the cash day. This allowed restaurant staff to see their performance in near real time. They have got the opportunity to quickly make changes to the restaurant's operations if something goes wrong.

    In the first stage of the transformation, BI development was moved to agile model. The time required to enter a new indicator and receive feedback on it from managers was reduced. The immediate connection of sources to the analytical system allowed cross-functional indicators to become visible, opening up new opportunities for optimizing HR, logistics and improving customer service.

    Migration to the Qlik Sense platform became a way to democratize data. Managers began to develop the motivation of business people. They were given a tool to objectively evaluate each step, giving them more freedom to act and more space for self-realization.
The Results
  • ИBurger King now uses data to continually improve the performance of each restaurant and the customer experience. This enables it to maintain a leading position in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.
    As a result of the project, 1000+ restaurant managers have been given a tool to monitor the current day's performance for quick response to deviations. The update time for chain-wide reporting is only 2 minutes. The transparency and clarity of the dashboard increased KPI performance by 7.5%. The company has reached a new level of motivation through restaurant-to-restaurant gameplay.

    Thanks to cross functional indicators that allowed to optimize personnel, logistics and customer service, operating costs decreased by 12%.
Sources and tech stack
  • QlikView, QlikSense, NPrinting, Python, Axapta, biometric systems
Functional areas
  • HR