The management company of one of KFC's European divisions
Reducing the reporting time from 6 hours to 30 min
The management company operates fast food restaurants under KFC, IL Patio, Sushi Planet, Pizza Hut brands. Today «City Restaurants» operates 89 restaurants in 11 cities.
Goals and objectives of the project
  • At the company, it took 6 hours to create analytical reports, so even the industry-standard performance of each restaurant could not be seen until the next day. Slow reporting prevented rapid decision-making and hindered the spread of data use culture across the company. The creation of reports required manual labor - staff collected data from the restaurants and compiled it into a single report, what led to human error.

    The key goal of the project was to reduce the time required for analytical reporting.
Selected Solution
  • The company does not have a single accounting system that would consolidate data on the work of all restaurants. Therefore, to automate reporting, a set of applications was developed on Qlik platform that connect directly to local servers in restaurants, collect data from them and calculate indicators.
The Results
  • The use of a Qlik-based analytical system has reduced the reporting time from 6 hours to a few minutes. Updated data is available to managers every 30 minutes. Data is automatically loaded and transformed, eliminating human error. The rapid delivery of insights has opened up a whole new range of ways to use the data. The introduction of BI was the first step in creating the analytical culture at the restaurant chain.
Sources and tech stack
  • ERP, restaurant business automatization system, Qlik Sense
Functional areas
  • HR, sales