System for managing the industrial facility construction
A leading engineering, supply and construction contractor that specialized in construction of industrial facilities including regional Petrochemical Plant and Gas Processing Plant.
Goals and objectives of the project
  • The company needed a set of applications to monitor the work of contractors, assess progress in solving tasks and achieve goals at each stage. The need for such a system arose from the start of construction of two major facilities in the region - the Petrochemical Plant and the Gas Processing Plant. Around 30,000 people were involved in the construction of each of these facilities.

    The company has its own methodology for assessing the construction progress which helps to decompose tasks and monitor progress towards achieving goals. Resource estimation and planning was implemented using Oracle Primavera and needed to be compared with the actual construction progress, information about which was scattered in other sources - in the ERP system and a large number of Excel spreadsheets.
Selected Solution
  • The developed analytical system receives information about the current status of tasks from a large number of Excel files and the ERP system. This data is mapped to resources and plans from Oracle Primavera. The graphs with results are displayed on QlikView dashboards.

    A number of auxiliary applications are used to prepare, validate and upload data to an analytical application on QlikView.

    Using QlikView tools, has been implemented a subsystem that allows to change quickly data sources for calculations.

    Tools have been developed to detect errors that occur either during data entry or due to deviations from the accepted format of Excel spreadsheets.
The Results
  • Labor costs for reporting and the number of errors due to the human factor, have been sharply reduced. It became possible to respond quickly to any deviations in the course of projects. As a result, large-scale construction proceeded exactly according to plan. The Petrochemical Plant was launched at full capacity in December 2020. The Gas processing plant will be open in 2024.
Sources and tech stack
  • Excel, ERP, Oracle Primavera, QlikView
Functional areas
  • Engineering, logistics, construction and installation works