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The Qlik analytics and data integration platform

The analytics platform and data integration toolset developed by Qlik, a pioneer in business analytics*
The Qlik platform is a good fit for creating systems of any level of complexity, from a single application for a small business all the way to an enterprise solution. Using a Qlik-based application, a small company can view its business indicators in different measures. This lets them control processes, study their consumers, and create new competitive advantages.

Qlik-based solutions for large enterprises have a whole range of advantages, the chief among them being the fact the platform is ready to work with big data out of the box. The platform also supports a data integration toolset that lets the company quickly create new indicators, connect new sources, or deploy new BI applications.

Additional components

Qlik Core® & Qlik Analytics Platform®
Qlik platform components can be used as built-in engines for use on web portals and in third-party applications. Sometimes employees need to work with data in third-party applications they’re already using. Qlik Associative Engine can extract and transform information from multiple sources “on-the-fly”, even if the data within them hasn’t been aggregated beforehand.
Qlik Data Catalog
Qlik’s data catalog platform, created to provide users and applications with access to data sets organized as a marketplace. Helps the company work with data lakes. Includes a wide array of tools for managing data at an enterprise scale.
Qlik Associative Big Data Index
The solution that provides access to Qlik's associative mechanism advantages when operating with big data. By creating an intermediate layer filled with automatically generated metadata, the index helps large enterprises improve and speed up the process of loading data from sources to target applications. It solves the problem of providing target applications with access to all data, no matter where it is located.

Why Qlik?

  • The Qlik platform includes all the tools necessary for data analytics, ETL, and visualization. This significantly lowers the cost of developing analytics solutions.
  • Thanks to their great potential in terms of scalability, data management, and security, Qlik-based solutions fit large organizations’ requirements.
  • The Qlik approach that doesn’t require dedicated data warehouses saves money on IT infrastructure.
  • The platform can handle projects one part at a time by using flexible development methods. Because of this, development teams can quickly add new indicators, connect new data sources, and create complex BI solutions stage by stage.
  • Qlik’s features can be extended with Python, web technologies, and open frameworks, such as Django, Flack, and Airflow.
  • There are quite a few Qlik deployments in the world, and a large community of developers for the platform. During its more than 28 years of presence on the market, the Qlik BI platform has become one of the most widespread analytics tools in medium and large-scale enterprises.