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Accelerating business value through data is no complicated for today. Technologies have matured. Specialists are available. There are no more obstacles.

It's time to speed up!

About Qlever Tech

Qlever Tech has been developing and delivering analytic solutions since 2014. We are also developing an environment for analytical applications executing and platforms for data capturing and transforming. Our consulting services help SMBs and Enterprises of various industries reduce costs, allocate resources, understand consumers and manage interplayings with them.
Our core benefit is a deep technical expertise. We have built a company of top-performing professionals in data warehousing and data transforming, Qlik's technologies and applied tools like Python, R, SQL, JavaScript.
Our experience allows us to propose a wide range of opportunities and ways to get value using internal and external data. We have a great practice in business goals achieving through technologies.
Project Management
The service standards adopted by Qlever Tech are based on best practices in project management. We can join the development project of share results of it at any stage of work.

Number of implemented solutions on the Qlik's platform
4 days

Average time for demo apps development
2 hours

Issue response time

Under the hood

Qlever Tech combines best practices of both worlds from data management and software engineering. Projects are performed by teams of professionals in various fields - analysts, architects, engineers and programmers. Qlever Tech has developed and maintains a project management culture. This allows us to quickly add the right specialists and to accurately predict the progress of the each project.

We are working to become the partner with whom any company might go all the way of digital transformation from industry-standard reporting to data-driven business.

Our inspirations

Our core value is the team of highly performing professionals. Each of us is ready to provide all available knowledge, skills and experience. This may be your advantage.
We are Pro-active. We propose solutions in the both fields of technical issues and business objectives.
All steps on the project are uncovered. So that the solution couldn't turn into a 'black box'. All stages of the project are disclosed. So the solution cannot turn into a 'black box'.
The value of analytical information is always at the cross of roles, functional areas and industries.


We offer to keep up with the latest technologies, work with the world's top companies and flex your skills across roles and industries