Customer Credit Rating
A leading European marine fuel supplier for sea and river transport. The company has 7 regional offices, its own fleet of 10 vessels, and present in sea, river and estuarine ports in the region and abroad, including Estonia, Romania and Latvia.
Goals and objectives of the project
  • The company has more than 200 regular customers - foreign and local shipping companies. Credit decisions regarding them are made by a special credit committee.

    It was necessary to develop a tool that would help make informed credit decisions. Customers and cooperation data was stored in different accounting systems, so a technical solution had to be created to collect and combine data from accounting systems and Excel spreadsheets.
Selected Solution
  • Qlever experts have developed a system for awarding points to each of the customers based on data from the history of cooperation and information systems.

    The analytical system automatically generates a credit rating for each customer and recommends a credit limit. In addition, managers and the credit committee members have access to detailed consolidated information on each customer. This helps not only to make decisions, but also to justify them.

    The scoring system is connected to all sources that contain data on cooperation. Indicators such as volume of joint activities, payment history, structure of the partner purchases, receivables, past arrears, and other indicators are taken into account.

    Analytical system users can use tips - what they should pay attention to before making a decision.

    The system was developed in accordance with the holding company's internal standards. Special requirements were placed on application design, documentation, and, above all, on information security. For example, special modules were developed to increase the security of data exchange.
The Results
  • The system has helped to optimize the credit portfolio and reduce the level of receivables and risks. Managers now have a new tool to analyze business partners in more detail and take cooperation with them to a new level.
Sources and tech stack
  • Qlik Sense, Accounting system, Excel
Functional areas
  • Finance, sales