Collect in 60 seconds: consolidation of information and solution for data quality management
The company is a sales center of the Electric Utility group of companies and has 13 regional branches serving more than 3.4 million households and about 120,000 organizations.

The company employs about 6.5 thousand people and uses a large number of accounting systems that enable billing, settlement with individuals and organizations, accounting for contracts and customer requests, and interaction with debtors.
Goals and objectives of the project
  • Billing data was processed independently by each branch. It was necessary to combine information from different branches and accounting systems to create a transparent corporate data structure as a result.

    In addition, modules for data quality control had to be developed before further use.
Selected Solution
  • The development of the system began with a study of the existing data and the processes used to generate it. The data was downloaded from the accounting systems and the rules for checks and verifications were developed for them.

    Qlik View platform was chosen as the basis for data consolidation. One of the key reasons for this choice was the architecture of the platform. By using a set of applications on Qlik View to solve the problem, it was possible to avoid creating a separate data warehouse.

    Applications developed on Qlik View are integrated with accounting systems from which they retrieve information, and business processes are created to reconcile data and correct errors.
The Results
  • The dashboard allows to avoid errors in the data, and also gives a retrospective look at already made decisions to assess their quality.

    • The burden of operators in service offices and call center was relieved due to reducing the number of errors in charges
    • Reduced litigation costs due to fewer settlement disputes

Sources and tech stack
  • QlikView, Oracle CC&B, Automatization system for power and electric enterprises
Functional areas
  • IT, sales